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A bite from Argentina

Chimi’s owner Brandon Fischer shares his devotion to tasting and creating great food.

Argentina 1

I recently traveled to Argentina to visit one of my sisters, who has been working there for the last 11 months.  She will be moving back to the states soon, so my brother, my Dad, and I took this opportunity to visit her and enjoy all that Argentina has to offer.  I could go on and on about the beautiful landscapes and the incredible things we did but, since this is a food blog I will keep it to food.

The food in Argentina is very different then the Mexican Cuisine that I work with on a daily basis.  I was able to experience new foods and flavors that were truly extraordinary.   The ceviche there is incredible.  Ceviche is a fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices such as lime and seasoned with onion, salt, and coriander.  The Ceviche that I make in the restaurant is made with shrimp and wonderful, however the ceviche in Argentina is out of this world.  It was made with different types of fresh fish, lime juice, cucumber and a side of lemon vinaigrette, which is poured on right before consumption.

Argentina 4

I had my first taste of Sweetbread while I was there.  I am a very adventurous eater and will pretty much try anything once but, the idea of sweetbread pushes the limits even for me.  Sweetbread is the culinary name the thymus, or pancreas of a calf or lamb.  The most common method of preparation involves soaking in salt water, poaching in milk, and then removing the membrane, drying and chilling.  After it is chilled you can bread and fry it or simply grill it, the ones I had were pan fried and out of this world.

Argentina 3

I don’t know if you have heard of Mate but it is the National drink of Argentina.  It is a naturally infused tea that is drank in a social setting, everyone in the group drinks out of the same metal straw and gourd.  I had this many times in the twelve days we were there and if quickly became my drink of choice.

Argentina 2

It is said that the Goddesses of the Moon and the Clouds came to visit the Earth, while they were here they came across a Jaguar that tried to attack them, an old man came to their rescue and to compensate him the Goddesses gave him a new kind of plant from which he could prepare the drink Mate.

We had an incredible trip; to be able to share this time with part of my family made the trip an experience of a lifetime, I wouldn’t change that for anything.  My advice when traveling and trying foreign cuisines would be: Remember to be adventurous when trying new foods, it’s like your mama always said-“How do you know if you don’t like it, if you never tried it?”