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From the O.C. to the OK

Chimi’s owner Brandon Fischer shares his devotion to tasting and creating great food.

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You all may know that I once lived in Orange County, California.  What a great place to live!  While living in California I went to many Sushi restaurants and had the opportunity to try many, many different items.  One of my favorite sushi restaurants that I came across is called Nanasan; Chef Goro there is truly a genius with sushi and I enjoyed everything that he made.  He made a menu item called a Shrimp Boat and this week I made my own version of it at my house.  I thought I would share this with you and maybe some of you would like to try and make it.




I started with sushi rice. Now sometimes I make this myself but in the essence of time I simply bought some from a local restaurant.  My brother is the manager there, so he doesn’t mind if I purchase only rice from him.  I then cook shrimp, ice it and split it open.  Place the rice underneath the shrimp and place a raw quail yolk on top of the shrimp.   Take some smelt row (fish eggs) place those carefully on top, add a little bit of ponzu chili sauce, green onions, and several dashes of Tabasco sauce.  The ponzu sauce is simply a rice wine vinegar with squeezed lemons, soy sauce, and a chili sauce that I got from the Japanese market.


I know this isn’t Mexican food but I thought you all might enjoy an insight into what I cook at home on any given Wednesday night.  I truly have a passion for all foods and had a great time preparing this for my sister last night.  Feel free to comment with any questions you may have about the dish and I will try and answer them.